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MAV was approved by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) as the subcontractor to The Providence Group (TPG), one of the largest government contractors.  We provided mentorship to 61 unaccompanied minors under the federal government's care in shelters all over the US.  We hired 25 mentors that were Muslim-Afghan-Americans and a team of admin staff to provide support seven days a week.  We hired a Muslim-American teacher to lead a group to create a primary civic curriculum, cultural competency, career, training, education, and basic Islamic studies for the children. We created an essential manual for the mentoring program that TPG now uses for other programs.  We were able to use the funds to help purchase iPad, headsets, keyboards, and gift cards for the children. The minors were allowed to use iPads for educational purposes per shelter guidelines.

Smiling Students and Teacher


"I learned good behaviors and morals and how to be more active and social in the community."

"I learned about school and colleges and how to study in the US."

Mentees Name - NK

„"I feel so optimistic about my future."

„"If the programs set up are based on our level, we can be whatever we want to be in future."

„"Based on our mentorship program, I can notice more nuances about culture and US environment."

„"My friends and I dream of becoming a positive and fruitful person in community."                       Mentee - HK and FT

The situation she had gone through with her two little brothers was challenging, and they had no one to talk with and nobody to be with except these mentors.

"The mentor has become our everything, a father, a mother, brother, and family member."

"Whenever I face any issue at school, I share it with my mentor, and based on her mentor’s advice, she found the best ways to solve it.

"I learned driving rules and prepared to get my permit."


She has got help and motivation to learn the English language, and recently she is able to solve her problems most of the time whiteout the need for an interpreter.

She was asked how she can rate her mentors from 1-10. "She said 10, and even if it were 100, she would give a 100 score.

Mentee’s Name: M N

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